Categories: General
      Date: Mar  6, 2016
     Title: Visit to Maguindanaon Instrument Makers
PSME Visit to Maguindanaon Instruments Makers.

A group og music teachers and students with PSME officers recently made a visit to a settlement of indigenous peoples of Mindanao in Taguig. The purpose of the trip was to observe the making of bamboo counterparts of Maguindanao metal instruments - the kulintang, agong, gandingan and babandir.

Like the metal instruments,these bamboo counterparts are used for the training and performance of Magindanao music. Made of a special kind of bamboo, these are dried and treated to make the instrument produce the desired quality of sound and for purposes of durability. These are made exclusively by the Botocan family, Maguindanaons. The family matriarch, is Aga Mayo Butocan, is a well known kulintang pedagogue who has performed Maguindanaon indegenous music extensively in iconcerts here in the country as well as in Europe, the USA and Asian countries. She has taught Maguindanao music and instruments performance at the UP College of Music for more than 30 years and continues teaching at the college as part-time lecturer.