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Feb 27, 2016

Multimedia Lesson inMusic and Art Highlights Music Teaching Demo

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Joel Jimenez Jr.'s multimedia presentation of a music and art lesson proved to be the highlight of the whole - day Music Teaching Demo held at the Colegio de Santa Isabel by PSME featuring music education graduate students on February 27, 2016.

The lesson started with an introduction of visual and audio same/similar elements of art and music, and progressed to sound improvisation, various art and music activities such as simultaneous music listening while drawing and painting.

The resource speaker, Joel JimenezJr. teaches at the Lyceum University of the Philippines is the leader of the Jay Brothers, A family  vocal and instrumental band, actively performing in various parts of the country and abroad.

Other interesting and well -crafted lessons were those on timbre, form and texture for the lower grades and exemplary ceosscultural lessons for the secondary level, including music of Indonesia and music of the Kalingas.

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Nov 16, 2016
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Oct 16, 2016
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List Of PSME Lifetime Members as of October 2016
Sep 11, 2016
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PSME partnered with the UP College of Music Department of Music Education, and the Junior Music Educator’s Guild (JMEG) in holding a seminar workshop.
Apr 13, 2016
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Over the last 10 years PSME has broadened the scope and content of its music teacher education program by the gradual addition/inclusion of interdisciplinary fora, music technology and more recently music education research in the organizations' national seminar workshops.

On April 13-15, 2016 PSME offered a short- term preliminary course " Introduction to Research in Music Education for Music Teachers"  at the Philippine Normal University. This is in response to the growing awareness and needs of classroom music teachers for know-how on the basics of music education research methodology.

This was attended by 40 public and private elementary and secondary school music teachers.

Lecture-resource persons were: Dr. Eufracio Abaya of the Graduate Studies Department of the UP College of Education and Prof. Locelyn Guadalupe of the UP College of Music Department of Music Education. Assisting them was Ms. Ivy Resurreccion of the UP College of Education.

The course opened with a discussion on "Situating Research in the Context of Issues in Philippine Music Education" and ended with a presentation of selected research field work done by teachers participants.
Similar music research short term courses willl be offered by PSME in its future music teacher training programs.

Apr 13, 2016
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The 2016 PSME National Seminar Workshop "Developing Musicianship and Music Instructional Skills" was held last April 13-15,2016 at the Philippine Normal University, Taft Ave, Manila.

Courses offered closely linked to the content of the Dep ED K-12 music curiculum were:  Beginning and Intermediate Theory. Music teaching Strategies for elementary and Secondary Levels, and several Music Performance  courses - Vocal, Choral Techniques and Materials for Elementary and Secondary levels, and Ensemble classes in Bamboo
( Indigenous, Angklung and Chamber Himig Kawayan) Guitar, Ukelele and Recorder Ensemble.

The last part of the workshop was the Culminating Program, showcasing learnings of the workshop participants. This consisited of various cross-cultural vocal, instrumental and mied media numbers.

Each teacher participant fullfilled the requirement of being part of at least 4 musical numbers.

The highly successful event proved the soundness of the PSME seminar workshop design of allotting 50% of workshop to "musicking/ music making.

Mar 6, 2016
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PSME Visit to Maguindanaon Instruments Makers.
Feb 27, 2016
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Multi Media Lesson In Music and Arts Highlights Music Teaching Demo